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Fast & Affordable

No matter your deadline, we will deliver even before. Moreover, our prices are competitive and represent excellent value.

Privacy & Confidentiality

We understand the importance of safeguarding your document. Our security standard is one of the best in the industry. Our records of non-breach compromise speak volume..

Professional Editors

Our team of editors is experts in various fields and has undergone a rigorous selection process. They have advanced degrees and years of editing experience.

Quick Turnaround Time

Time is essential in meeting deadlines. We understand this and work accordingly. Documents are efficiently processed with lightning speed through our well-organised system.

Free Revision

In an unlikely event when your writing needs further revision, we offer unlimited number of revisions for free.

International Recognition

We are at the forefront of the editing industry by virtue of our quest for superior workmanship. Our quality assurance process streamlines with global best practices.

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I was recommended to perfect manuscript by a colleague. It is my pleasure to assert that your editorial services were well worth the investment made. Thanks for the numerous corrections to errors that I had missed. I've recommended your services to my colleagues.

Jo Yun

The editing service performed by the editorial team was extremely helpful in getting our papers published. I am pleased to recommend your services to my university colleagues. I will submit more papers for English editing soon.

Collis Ta'eed

I have good news! Yesterday, I received an email from the journal editor that the paper was accepted for publication. All thanks to your editor for the high quality editing & proofreading of our research paper.

Dr. James Reed

I have been using Perfect Manuscript’s services for quite a long time. I am very impressed with the high quality of editing done and quick response delivered by the customer service team. I also intend to use your services in the future.

Zhen Yi