About Us

Everything you need to know about our Company


Perfect Manuscript offers a range of professional services to meet your writing needs. We provide premium editorial services and publication support to authors, researchers and students. Our editors have copyedited manuscripts for authors who publish with reputable organisations such as: Springer, Willey, Hindawi, Canadian Science Publishing, to mention few.
Our Goal
Our goal is to transform your writing and communicate your ideas in impeccable English language
Our Services
We offer editorial and publication support services which include:
1. Editing & proofreading
2. Formatting
3. Translation
4. Pre-submission peer review
5. Plagiarism check and reduction
6. Journal selection; and
7. Writing of covering letters.
Our Editors
Majority of our editors are peer reviewers in reputable academic journals. Our editors are experts at copyediting manuscripts written in different academic fields as follows: Administration, Agriculture, Liberal Arts, Fine Arts and Humanities, Education, Technology and Engineering, Management, Social, Practical and Life Sciences and so on.
Our Approach
Having received your manuscript, we adopt the following approaches:
• match your manuscript to a junior expert in your field of study
• check your manuscript for language, grammar, logic, and flow
• highlight revision for you to check
• assign the edited/corrected version to senior editor for final check
• forward the final edited/corrected manuscript to the author; and,
• provided further revisions are need, we offer it for free.

For further enquiry, contact us via service@perfectmanuscript.org